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Be a part of a monumental research, which aims to track the online habits of India’s Internet users
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IMRB International – a pioneer in market research is launching a major study to measure the browsing habits of Indian net users through its Internet Audience Measurement (IAM) program

You can participate in this activity by downloading the IAM software and installing it on your system. This software will run in the background while you carry out your online activities. Rest assured no harm will come upon your computer, on account of using this software

All participants get an assured gift, with an additional gift every quarter. It doesn’t end here! For every friend you refer you stand a chance to win a gift  if your friend activates this application

Under no circumstances, the software records the following information:
  • The content of your email messages
  • Email addresses
  • Passwords that you type in any website
  • The content of "https://" or secured websites which means, you can safely use the software even while using services such as net banking, online stock trading or transacting on e-commerce portals
Internet as a medium has grown substantially in the last few years in our country. Large number of websites is being provided to the Internet users for their day-to-day needs. As the usage of these websites increase so do the expectations of individuals using the website. Consequently, understanding the Internet users has assumed a paramount importance. Understanding users and their behaviour will help industry partners in modifying their offerings and communicating appropriate messages to relevant target consumers.

IMRB International has an established reputation in examining effects of offline and online media on user behaviour. The company has always been an effective initiator for all the major developments in market research. We have been instrumental in carrying out studies in Audience Measurement for Television (TAM), Audience Measure for Radio (RAM) and National Readership Survey (NRS). Results of these studies have been published in premier avenues and are continuously cited by public and private organisations.

Taking a step ahead, we have now launched a new system known as Internet Audience Measurement (IAM) System to track the browsing habits of the Internet users.

"IMRB IAM panel has
members who are actively
contributing data to us"

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